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8484415560 - Wireless LAN PC Card For Toshiba Computers

8484415560 - Wireless LAN PC Card For Toshiba Computers
Part #8484415560
Regular Price$85.34
Sale Price$69.95

Part Number: 8484415560 Wireless LAN PC Card
Category: Accessories
Sub Category: Wireless Devices
Notes: Orinoco Wireless LAN PC Card (Gold)
Part Number 8484415560 compatible with the following Toshiba Models:

Magnia SG20, Magnia SG25, Magnia SG30, Magnia Z310, Satellite 1000-S157, Satellite 1000-S157 (14.1), Satellite 1000-S158, Satellite 1000-S158 (14.1), Satellite 1005-S157, Satellite 1005-S157 (14.1), Satellite 1005-S158, Satellite 1005-S158 (14.1), Satellite 1800, Satellite 1800 (15), Satellite 1800-S204, Satellite 1800-S206, Satellite 1800-S207, Satellite 1800-S208, Satellite 1800-S233SP, Satellite 1800-S254, Satellite 1800-S256, Satellite 1800-S274, Satellite 1800-S278, Satellite 1805-S154, Satellite 1805-S177, Satellite 1805-S204, Satellite 1805-S205, Satellite 1805-S207, Satellite 1805-S208, Satellite 1805-S254, Satellite 1805-S274, Satellite 1805-S278

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